Skyline Garages

Skyline Garages have been part of the landscape in New Zealand for over 60 years. Vuletich Construction Ltd have been the Skyline building distributors for over 20 years in the Kaipara.

Skyline Garages are extra strong for NZ conditions. Skyline Building is the only company in New Zealand building garages using LVL treated stress-graded timber framing. All Skyline Garage frames are designed and tested to handle NZ’s strong winds. Other Skyline Garage features such as wall studs, roof trusses and purlins at a closer distance provides additional support to the entire garage structure. Closer framing spaces also allows more options for interior linings and ceiling choices.

To maximise protection from NZ’s climate extremes your Skyline Garage or workshop is clad with 0.40mm of high quality steel. Skyline Buildings use this thickness of steel because of its extra strength and durability giving the whole structure a longer lifetime.  As well as a range of profiles to suit your build Skyline Garages also allow alterations to the cladding, paint, doors, roof pitch and stud height. You can add your special touches or choose features to blend in with existing structures and make your garage exactly how you want it.

Designed for the New Zealand environment Skyline Building gutter systems are purpose built to handle large volumes of rain. Made of 0.55mm thick heavy gauge steel Skyline Garage gutters also extend your Skyline building’s life, due to their efficiency at channelling rainwater away from the buildings foundations. Water resistant H3.2 tanalised treated timber bottom plates are used to secure Skyline Buildings to the foundations. When you you’re parking a wet car, bringing in wet tools or if there is a spillage your Skyline Garage will not be damaged.

The roofs of Skyline Buildings feature 6-rib steel roofing and aluminium edge ridge flashing. The roof purlins are spaced at 450mm to make the roof stronger and makes it safe to walk on.

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