Formsteel Carports

Formsteel Carports have been supplying carports to New Zealand for over 40 years. Vuletich Construction Ltd recommends and builds Formsteel carports. For specialist high quality carports, Formsteel takes a leading role NZ wide with the most innovative carports with advanced features.

Vuletich Construction Ltd can deliver you a top-quality Formsteel carport with a selection of different styles. There is also a selection of additional features on offer with a Formsteel Carport such as clear roof panels, side panels and a range of coloured steel. In effect, you can design your carport however you like, adding custom specifications if you want to. 

We have found one of the most popular features of a Formsteel carport is the Purlindek roofing profile, which not only provides a clean attractive carport roof, but also provides a clear span of up to 6 metres. Purlindek is a rolled metal profile with a 6 metre span load-bearing capability. Designed for use as long span roofing and cladding as well as underslung roof decking. Purlindek is a proven product and complies with current code requirements for loading according to the manufacturers specifications, without purlins or sub-framing.

Vuletich Construction can design and build Formsteel carports up to 4.1 metres high because of the unique fluted post design. Whatever you need to store under your carport, Vuletich Construction can come up with a Formsteel carport design to suit you. Whether you need a basic practical carport or a stylish new carport to add a new dimension to your home they have the expertise and experience to deliver you a stylish Formsteel carport.

Contact us at Vuletich Construction Ltd and talk to our friendly staff about Formsteel carports. 

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