Concrete Work

John Vuletich has held the Vice-Chairman Position of the New Zealand Master Concrete Placers Association. Vuletich Construction Ltd is also the only member of the New Zealand Master Concrete Placers Association in the Kaipara area. We specialise in all concrete applications whether it is residential, commercial or decorative. Our concrete expertise is well known throughout the Kaipara. Vuletich Construction Ltd has been involved in a large range of projects from kumara sheds, workshops and garages to driveways and patios.

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General Contracting & Building Work

Vuletich Construction Ltd is your one stop construction shop. We construct anything from pole sheds to housing. Including concrete panel construction, fencing and roofing. Vuletich Construction specialises in one of NZ’s most popular residential and light commercial flooring solutions. RibRaft® is New Zealand’s first pod floor system made by Firth. This innovative method of concrete floor construction uses polystyrene pods, steel reinforcing rods, plastic spacers and a specific concrete. Labour time and costs are reduced compared to other flooring methods as the components easily fit together. Talk to Vuletich Construction about RibRaft® flooring options to suit you.


Skyline Garages

Vuletich Construction Ltd have been the Skyline Building Distributors for over 20 years in the Kaipara area. Skyline Garages have been part of the landscape in New Zealand for over 60 years. Built to last Skyline Garages are made with extra strong framing using LVL treated stress-graded timber. To provide additional support to the whole garage structure, wall studs, roof trusses and purlins are spaced closer. This also creates more options for lining walls and ceilings. All Skyline Garage frames are tested and designed to withstand strong wind zones. Skyline Garages also allow alterations to the cladding, paint, doors, roof pitch and stud height to make your garage how you want it.

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Formsteel Carports

Formsteel Carports are high quality, innovative carports with advanced features. We can deliver you a top-quality carport with a selection of different styles and optional custom specifications. Options such as clear roof panels or side panels and a range of coloured steel. Formsteel Carports unique fluted post design allows designs up to 4.1 metres high. Therefore, we can design and construct a carport to meet all your height requirements. Whether you need a basic practical carport or a stylish new carport talk to Vuletich Construction Today! We build Formsteel Carports that will meet all your needs.

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Decorative Concreting

Imprinted concrete, often called textured concrete is concrete that replicates stones and textures. For example, slate and flagstone, tile, brick or even wood using rubber mats on freshly laid concrete. Imprinted concrete is ideal for enhancing driveways, entry pathways, courtyards and patios. Imprinted concrete offers a wide range of options for concrete patterns and concrete colours. The cost of imprinted concrete is often lower than other materials, which makes imprinted concrete a perfect affordable outdoor paving choice. Concrete provides the perfect material for including complex designs, steps or mowing strips into your property.

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